Facebook's iOS app update finally lets users customize News Feed

Following a limited test of the feature back in May, Facebook is finally giving users what they've wanted most: the ability to customize and filter their News Feed exactly the way they'd like to. The social network is debuting the features on its iOS app first, with the update available now via the App Store. With the changes, Facebook users can not only choose whose posts will appear at the top of their feed, but also edit and filter the things they don't want to see at all.

After updating the iOS app, users will find a new settings section called News Feed Preferences with the tools for customization. Choosing users or Pages to prioritize means their updates will always appear at the top of the News Feed, making sure their posts aren't lost in the timeline.

The next two tools expand on the idea of "unfollowing" them, or making it possible to hide all their posts without the need to unfriend them. This was possible before, but the new setting makes it much simpler and faster; just scroll through and check off all the people you don't want to hear from in your News Feel. The app also presents a list of users who were unfollowed in the past, making it easy to decide if these people should get another change at your timeline.

Lastly, the app presents a discovery tool that will suggest new Pages to follow based on those already liked. This may not seem that exciting, but it's nice to have it in a single location along with the rest of the timeline customization options.

While these News Feed controls are debuting on the iOS app, Facebook adds that they will be coming to Android and the website in the next few weeks.

SOURCE Facebook