Facebook Waze acquisition negotiations end

As talk continues surrounding the possible acquisition of the social mapping company known as Waze, it appears today that Facebook is out of the running. According to sources familiar with the matter speaking with All Things D, a potential acquisition of Waze by Facebook is no longer an option as talks have fallen apart. Facebook was tipped to be considering buying Waze for upwards of $1 billion USD.

According to these same sources, talks fell apart at a point at which the Waze team was deciding whether they'd be willing to relocate from their current addresses in Israel all the way to Menlo Park. It's not every day that a developer decides to move from the Middle East to California, after all.

At the moment, neither Facebook nor Waze have made any official comments on the situation, and it's unclear whether Waze is in talks with any other companies that would consider acquiring them outright. Earlier this week it was suggested that Apple was another bidder in contention for the purchase of Waze, while Tim Cook publically denied this just last night.

Making it clear that Apple had already acquired 9 companies this year alone, Cook made the case for an industry that continues to be unafraid of acquisitions as a regular occurrence. With Waze continuing to gain steam as its own self-contained map-based social app, chatter around the companies that would benefit from folding its current greatness into their own will continue without a doubt.