Facebook 'Want' button discovered in latest SDK

A Facebook developer by the name of Tom Waddington stumbled across something completely new within the latest version of the Facebook SDK, hinting that the social networking giant may be working on a new "Want" button similar to the ever so popular "Like" button. Waddington managed to insert it into his website, which similarly resembles the Like button. Anyone signed in to Facebook can press it to "want this." What results from there is a red error message.

What's interesting is that the button also displays a small plus sign icon on the left of it, which could suggest additional actions with the button. Developers have had the opportunity to create their own versions of a Want button and it's always called for authorization of a third-party app to allow actions to show up on any user's timeline. A direct Want button would make it ridiculously easy for everyone to embrace and start using right away.

Facebook hasn't made a public listing on the Facebook's developer site where other social plugins can be found, so it's likely Facebook wasn't expecting to reveal the idea just yet, if at all. A button like this will probably make a lot of advertisers pretty darn happy, but who really knows if the majority of Facebook users will be able to properly distinguish between the use of the Like button and a new Want button when or if it ever rolls out.

[via LA Times]