Facebook unblocks Wikileaks DNC email links, says it was an accident

A skirmish started this weekend when the WikiLeaks Twitter account sent out a tweet announcing that Facebook was blocking links to the DNC email links, and many were quick to jump on the issue, calling it censorship and pointing out that the block was happening mere days before the Democratic National Convention. At the time, Facebook users were advised to use archive.is to try and share the links, and now a couple days later, Facebook has unblocked the links, calling it an accident.

After being called out by a bunch of users, Facebook CSO Alex Stamos eventually sent out the simple tweet below. No explanation about why the block happened has been offered, however, leaving many to speculate that the social network's algorithm flagged them as malicious...or, from the tin foil crowd, that Facebook deliberately blocked the links ahead of the DNC to hide the nefarious details within.

The DNC link has been damning on multiple levels, not the least of which was its revelation of a deliberate push against Sanders in favor of Clinton. The Facebook 'accident' perhaps wouldn't be as controversial if it hadn't had so many similar 'accidents' in the recent past. There was the whole biased trending section claim, for example, which seems to have been put satisfactorily to rest.

More recently, the social network came under fire for pulling the Philando Castile video, which was also an accident. Many users are demanding Facebook provide a statement on why it blocked access to the links, but there's no indication Facebook plans to offer one. Like many things, the issue will probably blow over soon and be largely forgotten.

VIA: NY Post