Facebook tipped in 360-degree video app project

Facebook is developing its own standalone video app that will bring so-called "spherical" videos to one's mobile device, according to sources. The project is said to be in the early stages at this point, and the goal is an end product that works across multiple platforms, including Android and iOS. The sources stated that it isn't guaranteed the mobile app will be launched at this point. What the project is named was not revealed.

The information comes from the Wall Street Journal, which says it received the information from people "familiar with the matter". This standalone app, according to the sources, will provide 360-degree videos, and users will be able to look around within them by moving the phone. This is said to be a virtual reality effort.

It seems this would work without a headset, meaning you're not going to get that full immersive virtual world experience like you would using Rift, for example. It will, however, make a large number of people familiar with the technology, and allow them to play around with moving in a 360-degree video. It isn't clear whether this app would work with a VR headset.

Facebook isn't the only company working on a virtual reality project. Flickr revealed this weekend that it is working on adding VR support to its service, allowing those with an Oculus Rift headset to view 360 degree panoramic photos in VR. Check out the timeline below for other recent Facebook news!

SOURCE: Wall Street Journal