Facebook timeline lands in New Zealand

We have been waiting for the Timeline since we first heard details back in September. As of yesterday, the Facebook Timeline went live in New Zealand of all places. The roll out started yesterday and it's not clear if all Facebook users in that country have access to the Timeline or if it is staggered where some folks will get it and others won't.

The Timeline will be the place to tell your story and go back as far as you want apparently with pics of weddings, births, and just about anything else you want to include and have that stuff stay there. The old profile page would adjust and move older content down the page as you put more recent things onto the profile. That meant that important things like weddings, special events, and pics of a new baby might slip off the page and be replaced by a shot of breakfast from this morning.

The new timeline will let you put those important events on the page and keep them from being hidden by things that are less important to you or about you. That is pretty cool. There will also be apps people can add to the Timeline that allow them to track things they enjoy. What do you think about Timeline? I'm honestly rather indifferent; am I the only one?