Facebook testing Pages Feed that aggregates page statuses

Facebook is a crowded place any more, with statuses from what is often hundreds of friends and pages vying for the limited space within your daily news feed. Because there is more info than can be reasonably displayed, users often miss out on certain statuses and updates. To help de-clutter things a bit, Facebook is testing out a new Pages Feed, which is a news stream of status updates from pages you've liked.

Reportedly, some Facebook users are seeing a Page Feed, which aggregates posts from pages they have liked in a single place. If you have this feature on your Facebook, it'll be located in the left-side menu in the "Pages" category. This seems to be a move on Facebook's part to appease growing complaints from both page owners and users over the posts that never make it into the standard news feed.

Facebook has already enabled a feature that allows users to select specific friends whose status updates they want to see. When one of those friends make a post, a notification will be given, helping users to keep track of things and ensure they see what they're most interested in. Soon, this same feature will be available for pages, providing users with notifications whenever a starred page posts an update.

Don't see the link in your side menu? You can view posts from pages directly in the meantime here. According to Facebook Insider, those with the feature in their Facebook sidebar still see page statuses in their main news feed. This means that while you'll still see a smattering of select statuses from various pages when browsing Facebook, you have the added ability to open a separate stream and see all the posts you'll otherwise miss.

[via Inside Facebook]