Facebook takes aim at LinkedIn with new job posting feature

Most, though not all, of those born within the last 20 years or so probably have a Facebook account. That many young, and even old, people have put parts of their lives on the social network. Many have also put their businesses up there. So why not just mix the two together even further. That's exactly what Facebook is now doing by creating a more formal and official way for employers and prospective employees to connect. Which pretty much puts it at odds with LinkedIn.

Though not as large as Facebook, LinkedIn has more or less been considered the Facebook of professional networking, allowing businesses, head hunters, and job hunters to connect as they would on Facebook. Except with more professional content, of course. Which means less selfies.

Facebook's new job-related features, however, basically cut off the middle man that is LinkedIn. Most businesses have a Facebook page nowadays anyway, and most prospective employees do have one as well. Instead of having to dig through LinkedIn profiles for those information, Facebook's Jobs pages let these two sides just connect instantly. Consequently, it does also make it easier for employers to learn more about applicants, which might not always be a good idea. For the applicant, that is.

The new features promises to make it super easy for businesses to put up job postings by simply filling out a form. Interested applicants can just as easily make contact through the business' Page or in a new Jobs hub. Further communication happens through Facebook Messenger, naturally.

The feature is being made available to businesses in the US and Canada only, at least for now. This new feature is just the latest in Facebook's attempts to make its social network relevant to an enterprise audience. It just recently launched Facebook Workplace to take on the likes of Slack and Skype Teams, utilizing a familiar Feed format and Messenger chat to keep workers connected.

SOURCE: Facebook