Facebook sends cease-and-desist letters to a pair of popular apps for Android

When it comes to using Facebook on Android devices, lots of people out there don't use the Facebook app. For many they prefer the interface offered by so-called wrapper apps such as Swipe and Simple Social. However, both of those apps recently disappeared from the Play Store.

Developers of both apps have reported the Facebook legal team has been cracking down on any app that offers an alternative way to access the Facebook social network. Recently, the developer of Swipe for Facebook posted a message on Reddit. The Reddit post said that it was with a "very heavy heart" that the day had come to say goodbye to Swipe for Facebook.

According to the developer, the team had received a cease-and-desist letter from attorneys representing Facebook. While some might understand Facebook not wanting third-party apps to replace its app. It's more difficult to understand Facebook disabling the developer's personal accounts on Facebook and Instagram.

The developer also said that the same thing is happening to other developers as well, meaning the end for wrapper apps is here. Swipe for Facebook and Swipe Pro for Facebook were both pulled from the Google Plane Store. The developer notes that the app will continue to function for those who have it, but how long it will work is unknown.

The developer behind another app called Simple Social has issued a warning that says changes by Facebook means Simple Social is no longer supported. Developers warned that users could continue using Simple Social, but they do so at their own risk. Anyone accessing Facebook using Simple Social could see their account disabled temporarily or permanently. The issue Facebook is taking is with CSS modifications that hide sponsored posts and access public Facebook data.