Facebook Security Checkup for Android protects your account

Facebook has announced the launch of a new tool that will help Android users to secure their accounts and profiles from nefarious sorts. The tool is called Security Checkup and it is available right now. Security checkup allows users to review their account and add more security with easy access controls.

Facebook targeted Android to start because it says that most people connect to Facebook via a mobile devices. An iOS version of this tool will be offered next. Security Checkup allows you to log out of Facebook from browsers and devices where you haven't logged in for a while.

The tool turns on Login Alerts to warn you if someone else tries to log in to your account. Security checkup landed for desktop users last summer and the popularity led Facebook to roll out the Android version of the tool.

Users have found the Security Checkup tool on desktop to be an easy way to secure their accounts. Security Checkup on Android devices is available to use via the Facebook Help Center. It's not a separate app that you need to download to use. Facebook accounts are often the target of phishing attacks where nefarious users try and steal personal information or spam you friends list in your name, security is an important way to prevent this.

SOURCE: Facebook