Facebook Search expands to near-universal coverage

Chris Burns - Oct 22, 2015, 2:08 pm CDT
Facebook Search expands to near-universal coverage

The entirety of Facebook just became search-friendly from within. Facebook’s indexing of their own posts – private and public – began back around this year with Facebook’s first big search update. Now the advice we gave you back then becomes doubly important – if you have anything embarrassing in your extensive history of Facebooking, that is to say. Now is the time to delete everything terrible you’ve ever said, attached to the keywords you hope no one will ever associate you with, if you haven’t already.

Facebook’s search will work a lot more like a standard search engine now than ever before. The big idea here is that Facebook searches for current events will retrieve information that’ll help the searcher (you) piece together the story as fast as possible.

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Because of this, you’ll find news sources popping up first in a tab called “Top.” After that you’ll find “Latest” – this is the most recent bits and pieces to appear, including everything having to do with the keyword or keywords you’ve searched for.

People and Photos are next, showing you people who speak about said topic most often or whose names include your keywords. Photos shows images having to do with your keywords – at this time we’re not sure whether or not that means Facebook is searching the content of the photos or just the keywords they’ve been attached to.

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This new search update gives you suggestions when you type a topic in the search box – if you type the name of a band and they’ve got a show coming up nearby, for example. Search results with public posts and posts from friends will be listed in your latest posts column, and – perhaps most importantly – you can now see public conversations.

You can now search every single public post. No matter what. As Facebook suggests, just so long as that post is marked “Public” – it’ll be searchable.

Of course every single post has the option of becoming private or Friends Only, so just so long as you’ve done that correctly, you shouldn’t have to worry about any sorts of interlopers popping up!

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