Facebook says over 5 billion songs shared and talks frictionless sharing

I would wager many of us have friends on Facebook listen to a lot of music, and the links to that music are shared on the social network for you and others to listen along. It hasn't even been six months yet since Facebook launched music sharing, and already a huge number of tracks have been shared on the social network. Facebook music sharing was introduced last September at the F8 conference and since then there have been 5 billion songs shared.

I don't listen to music via Facebook or share links, but I do have a couple of friends who listen to a lot of tunes, and at times most of the news feed page is links to what they are listening to, which is rather irritating. The topic of "frictionless sharing" came up at the Midem conference and VP of Partnerships for Facebook, Dan Rose, took the opportunity to talk about frictionless sharing a bit. Facebook calls "frictionless sharing" the ability of apps to share things without you having to control what is. The goal is for Facebook to show only the right people, the right stories, at the right time.

I would hope that means trying to make things like all of these music links only show if they're appropriate for you. I would assume that means since I don't listen to music on Facebook, "frictionless sharing" should presumably make the system understand that I'm not in the music and stop showing me all these links. So far, that has not happened. I think if Facebook tweaked the system to eliminate that sort of sharing of material that friends may not want, it would limit the effectiveness of the sharing partnerships for Facebook. With that in mind I don't particularly see Facebook working hard to stop sharing from friends of things we aren't interested in, Games are a prime example . I've never once played a game on Facebook, yet I still get loads of game requests. I don't see frictionless sharing changing things much for me.

[via Thenextweb]