Facebook says e-mail sync issue is a bug and will be fixed

Many people have been upset Facebook the last few weeks after changes were made to e-mail addresses displayed on a Facebook profile. Many people didn't appreciate Facebook changing the e-mail addresses displayed on a profile. The social networks hid all e-mail addresses other than the @facebook.com address by default.

One problem people had with the change was that only e-mail sent to their Facebook specific e-mail account was getting pushed to mobile devices. More and more people only access Facebook via a mobile device, so there were many affected people. Facebook is now saying that though it did intend to make only the Facebook e-mails visible on your profile by default, it didn't intend to stop e-mail sent to other addresses from being pushed to mobile devices.

Facebook says that the failure of e-mail sent to the other addresses not being pushed to your mobile was unintended and is a bug that will be fixed. It's also worth noting that you can go back into your profile under visibility settings and turn your other e-mail addresses back on to be shown on your profile. Facebook is promising that the sync bug will be fixed, possibly as early as today. Once the bug is fixed, users will be able to see their friends' primary e-mail address show back up on their mobile device. The primary address by default is now the @facebook.com address.

[via The Verge]