Facebook Questions Lets You Ask And Answer Almost Everyone On Facebook

People are always connected now and it doesn't take much effort to find out what your friends are feeling or doing, or for them to know the same about you. Facebook is the ultimate place to disregard common privacy concerns and now with the launch of a new questions-and-answers service, you can let the whole Facebook universe see and help with what you're pondering. Dubbed "Facebook Questions," the service has been in beta testing since July.

Facebook Questions shows up at the top of your news feed and profile pages and is like an option you can share like pictures, videos, status updates, and links. You can create your question and let others freely answer, or you can create a limited number of answers people can choose. After typing your question you click "Add Poll Options" to make the possible choices people choose. You can even set up a picture with your question if you want to decorate it. So if you want to poll people with the question "What should I eat tonight?", you can add a picture of a hamburger and make it one of the choices, or just let people freely type in their answer.

The new feature is very much like Yahoo! Answers and allows people to poll the entire Facebook community. If you see another question that interests you, you can "Follow" it and you will receive notifications when a new answer is submitted. There is no privacy settings for Facebook Questions so be careful because it's not limited to only your friends, anyone can respond. Facebook suggests that if you want to poll only your friends, just make a status update and put your question there.

[via L.A. Times Blog]