Facebook Protect security program will be offered to more users in 2021

Facebook Protect, the enhanced security program that was made available to politicians, candidates, and similar to keep their accounts secure, will be expanded to other types of accounts starting next year. Facebook also plans to roll out support for security tokens on mobile, according to the company's head of cybersecurity policy.

The changes were recently disclosed to Axios by Facebook's Nathaniel Gleicher, who explained that Facebook Protect will be extended to additional account types starting in 2021. These 'vulnerable users' will include people like celebrities, journalists, and relevant users who live in countries preparing for 'major elections.'

Why would someone be interested in using Facebook Protect? The enhanced security option is intended to protect accounts of people who may be at particular risk. This includes things like watching for signs that someone may be trying to hack the accounts.

As mentioned, Facebook will also be rolling out mobile support for security tokens, addressing the enhanced security needs of people who primarily access the social media platform using these portable devices. Axios says that Facebook is looking into sending these security keys to certain users, namely public figures.

Social media platforms have increasingly faced threats from bad actors, particularly when it comes to politics and elections. The company has rolled out a number of measures since the 2016 US election. Facebook notes on its website that Protect is a voluntary program eligible users must enroll in to participate.