Facebook Promoted Posts expanding across europe

A couple of weeks ago, Facebook began testing Promoted Posts for regular users, not just businesses and brands. This would allow you or I to "promote" one of our status updates to show up at the top of everyone else's news feed. The features has slowly been rolling out across the US and other countries like New Zealand, but the company is now introducing the new feature to European users.

Users who pay $7 per post will be able to have their status updates show up towards the top of their friends' news feeds in order to gain more exposure, and thus receiving more comments and/or likes. Users can pick and choose which status updates they want to promote, rather than having to pay for all of their status updates to be promoted.

The roll-out of Promoted Posts to Europe could mean that Facebook will be making this a permanent feature in the near future. The company is notorious for testing potential new features on a select group of users before they officially roll it out to the public. Since the social network is continuing its roll out for Promoted Posts, we could see this being a permanent thing fairly soon.

There's no word on what the pricing is for users in other countries, but we assume it's close to the same $7 that US users have to pay in order to promote one of their posts. Of course, a lot of users don't like handing over their money if they don't have to, but we could see this being useful for updates like important announcements or wishing someone a happy birthday.