Facebook preps developers for iOS 6 release with SDK

This week Facebook has released the beta version of their SDK version 3.0 for developers wishing to get in on the software as early as possible before the iPhone 5 is released this Autumn. This software development kit allowed users to work with session management, Objective-C language features support, native user interface views, and native Facebook login bits across the entirety of iOS 6. Facebook's APIs support has also been boosted for this release, and the download is prepped for use today.

Developers will also be able to take advantage of a brand new Facebook SDK for iOS website with tools and resources for the next release of Apple's mobile operating system. This site has a Facebook "Getting Started" guide and will allow users to work with just the basics, samplings of code, and more. You can start as a fresh developer having never worked with Facebook's codes before, you can check out their reference library, and you can start with concept codes for quick launching.

Those of you who have already been using Facebook in your apps with iOS, you'll want to dive right in. For those of you who want to know more about how Facebook will be working with iOS 6, you'll want to check out the following posts in the timeline below – heavy Facebook integration ahead!