Facebook Offers hits your news feed today [UPDATED]

Everyone on Facebook will start seeing Facebook Offers in their news feeds today, a program initiated by Facebook in collaboration with business small and large several months ago. These offers will have users clicking in on "Get Offer" links left and right in a fashion that should, if businesses hopes become reality, have users spending loads of cash in the very near future. Facebook users on the other hand are likely to be split over this new addition to news feeds, with a certain sacred and unspoken "do not touch" clause on their minds for the center of their Facebook experience.

When you see a new Get Offer link in your feed, Facebook users, you've only to click and wait for a moment while Facebook sends your primary email a coupon. That coupon will then be able to be used either online or offline (whatever it calls for) enabling you to get a deal on whatever product or service you've tapped. You also have the ability to post the offer to your own timeline – fun, right?

UPDATE: we've received word from a Facebook spokesperson that this update is not yet global, nor is it in the USA in an expanded sense thus far. Per Facebook:

"Facebook rolled out Offers in beta to a handful of clients in the U.S. after announcing it at fMC in February. Facebook is continuing to roll out the beta to a limited amount of businesses in Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and Turkey, but it's not a global roll out. It's not yet available to additional U.S. businesses." – Facebook

Soon, folks, soon!

Your email will also include details that inform you how you'll be able to redeem your coupon. More often than not, you'll be bringing your mobile phone or tablet in to the business you want to hook up with, showing them the coupon in real life – and poof! You got yourself a deal! Facebook has not yet sent out a list of businesses that will be participating in this program.

So all you've got to do is "like" all of your favorite businesses and let the offers roll in! Sound like a fun situation to you?