Facebook now offers high resolution photos and fullscreen viewing

Cory Gunther - Mar 22, 2012
Facebook now offers high resolution photos and fullscreen viewing

Remember back in the early days of Facebook, or the latter days of myspace when everyone had tiny pictures of low quality. Times have changed and before today, Facebook photos could only be viewed using about 3/4 of any given computers screen, that was if the quality was good enough to begin with. As of today that has all changed.

Today, specifically for Firefox and Chrome users Facebook has integrated a few much needed features to their photo viewing experience. Users will now be able to say goodbye to the comment sidebar and black borders by viewing family photos, friends partying, or that old girlfriends pictures in fullscreen mode. According to the Facebook Blog, those using the latest Firefox or Chrome can click the arrows at the top-right corner of a photo to expand to fullscreen mode.

That isn’t all they’ve changed either. Back in August they increased the allowed resolution a little bit but was still nothing near where it should have been, and frankly we should have had the fullscreen option months ago, if not last year. Along with fullscreen mode starting today the photos will also be uploaded in their maximum resolution. Instead of scaling the resolution down, when users toggle fullscreen they’ll see the image at the maximum available resolution. Letting photos be viewed in 3 or 4 times higher resolution depending on the screen size.

As a reminder Facebook photos can sometimes still be available up to three years after being deleted, just saying. From timeline features to bigger photos Facebook keeps rolling out the updates and improving. I like what I’m seeing although the changes don’t appear to be live yet, even though Facebook said they’ll be available starting today. For those hourly Facebook users feel free to drop us a comment once they appear.

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