Facebook now lets you listen to music with friends and groups

Facebook has just announced a new feature that will let you listen to music with a friend or with a group of friends via Facebook's chat service. There's already plenty of music services integrated into Facebook now, with your ticker notifying you of who's listening to what and when, but now you can easily hit up a friend or friends and play virtual DJ directly in Facebook.

You can find the new feature in Facebook's chat sidebar. A music note icon will show up next to friends who are listening to music. When you hover over a friend's name a pop-up appears with a "Listen With" button. Clicking on that then lets you listen to what your friend's listening to and you can even chat with them while you're at it.

Other friends can join in, turning it into a group chat and group listening party. To avoid certain friends or just to listen in private, Facebook does give you some settings to control that. The new feature will start rolling out over the next few weeks.