Facebook now has its own Weather mini-app

Facebook really wants you never to leave its network, whatever the occasion. Whether you're trying to check (real) news or looking for help in a disaster, Facebook is making it possible for you to do all those while staying within the comfy confines of its social network. Now even the simple act of checking the weather is something you can do within Facebook itself, as the social network giant rolls out its own Weather app. Though given the sometimes capricious nature of the Facebook feed, you might not always find the information when you need it.

Facebook's weather info can be seen in two ways. The primary way is through "greetings", basically cards that inform you about the nice, or not, weather you're having today. Those greetings appear on your feed, which can be chaotic most of the time. That means you run the risk of not seeing that information at the right time.

Fortunately, it's somewhat easy to go directly to that weather information, that is if you have Facebook on your smartphone. Simply go into the Facebook menu (three horizontal bars) and scroll to the list of Apps. There you will see the Weather app that you can view at your leisure.

Facebook isn't making an honest to goodness Weather app to compete with some of the most beautiful ones out there. In fact, it uses Weather.com's API for its data source. The Settings are also pretty sparse, simply allowing you to choose between Celsius or Fahrenheit as well as add locations. By default, your current location is used but you can add more. Switching between those locations, however, isn't straightforward, as you'll have to go to the Settings each and every time.