Facebook now allows videos posted in comments

Facebook fans have a new way that they can add comments to posts from friends. As of yesterday, Facebook activated a feature that started at the 50th Hackathon held by the social network. With the new feature in place, users can upload videos into comments and replies on posts. Facebook says that this makes it more engaging and immersive for conversations that folks have.

Facebook previously allowed a glut of different content types to be posted in comments with things like links, photos, stickers, and emoji. The ability to upload videos in comments is available globally right now. They can be uploaded to posts on people and pages and within groups and events.

Video commenting is supported on the web version of Facebook, iOS, and Android. That means all three major platforms are supported. Uploading videos requires the user to click the camera icon next to the comment field. The new feature came as a result of the Hackathon where it was first demonstrated. The people behind the feature then tweaked it over the next few months and it was rolled out. The developers say that the new feature was no small feat because it had to work across interfaces that have two heavy traffic services with comments and videos.

I'm sure folks will find the ability to post videos of cats and perhaps Picard face palming into comments to be welcome. This is not the only feature that Facebook has rolled out recently. Support for 360-degree photos landed this week allowing users to upload 360-degree panoramas to their accounts. On desktop clients, users have to scroll to see the panorama. When 360 photos are viewed on a mobile device, the user only has to rotate the smartphone. You can view them using a VR device as well.

SOURCE: Facebook