Facebook "not building a phone and not building an operating system"

Mark Zuckerberg took the stage today at Facebook's event. He stated that the social network is "not building a phone and not building an operating system", but something that will make phones center around the people, instead of just the apps. He says that Facebook wants to build "the best experience for every person on every phone" He says, "You don't need to fork android to do this, you don't even need to modify the operating system."

If Facebook were to build a phone, it would only bring a new experience to only 10-20 million people. But Zuckerberg states that that wouldn't be fair for the billions of people that use the social network. He says that thanks to Android and its openness, Facebook is able to bring a brand new experience easily to a majority of its users.

So Facebook isn't looking to build an operating system, but instead be an Android launcher. He focuses on "the home screen", which is why the new app will be called "Home". The new Facebook Home will allow users to easily access their Facebook app, but instead of just being an app, it will bring so much more to the user. You will be able to see your phone through people and not apps.

Facebook is bringing a brand new experience to all Android users in the form of "Facebook Home". It will be include a bunch of new features not seen on the Facebook app, including "Cover Feed". Check out all of the new features that will be coming with "Facebook Home" through our Facebook Tag Portal. Also, check out our Android Hub to find the latest, important news in the Android world.