Facebook newsletter feature for writers tipped to take on Substack

Facebook is reportedly working on its own newsletter feature and it may launch by this summer, at least according to a new report. The upcoming offering is described as featuring 'newsletter tools' that will be aimed at writers, ones who may currently turn to platforms like Substack and Patreon to get funding from their readers.

Independent writers are increasingly turning to newsletter services like Substack to connect with readers, giving them a way to make money while writing about their particular niche. A recent report by the New York Times claims that Facebook is working on its own Substack-like offering that will be targeted at writers and journalists.

The details were provided by three unnamed sources said to be 'familiar with' Facebook's plans. The new offering — assuming the report is accurate — will fall under the Facebook Journalism Project, though it's described as still in its early stages at this time.

Among other things, the newsletter tools are described as ways for writers to get paid subscriptions from readers, as well as maintaining an email list and finding new followers via the Facebook platform.

Though they're still in their infancy, newsletter services are once again growing in popularity, the most popular offering arguably being Substack. Twitter recently acquired Revue, a similar newsletter service targeted at writers and publishers.