Facebook Moments update makes videos from photos

Brittany A. Roston - Aug 25, 2015, 7:31 pm CDT
Facebook Moments update makes videos from photos

Following its June launch, Facebook Moments has received its first big update, which has been pushed out to both the iOS and the Android version. The service is available in many more languages and countries, but the big feature revolves around videos — namely, the app will select half a dozen or more pictures from Moments and transform them into a video that users can edit and, after finalizing it, share with friends and family on the service.

Facebook Moments uses facial recognition and timestamps to find photos in which you were captured but maybe weren’t tagged in or told about. It offers the photos in a combined gallery, assuming permission is given, and as a result everyone gets access to those particular photos. It’s a nice way to get access to photos from an event that you didn’t take yourself but that include you among them. It launched earlier this summer.

Facebook introduced the new video feature today via the video above, which demonstrates the kind of footage you can expect with the new Moments update. This works by selecting the best pictures from a user’s Moments and, says Facebook, “synchronizing them to your choice of 11 music selections.” You’ll need at least six photos in the Moments for videos to be created.

The update is available now in the respective app stores. In addition, Facebook Moments is now available in what the social network says is “most countries”, and has been translated into 34 languages. For more information about Moments, as well as recent news about the social network in general, hit up the timeline below!

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