Facebook Messenger now available for Apple Watch

We've known that Facebook Messenger was inbound for the Apple Watch; we saw it previewed at Apple's event last month, in fact. Now the time has come, and the social network's chatting app has officially arrived on Apple's wearable. The support comes via an update that Facebook released today; the app, which now sits at version 38, is available now in the iTunes store.

As promised, Facebook Messenger on Apple Watch allows one to receive and send voice clips from the wearable. More conventionally, it also supports text-based messaging, stickers, and "liking" things. The app update says there's even "more" features, though it doesn't go through the full list of functions.

This is a watchOS 2 app, and it concentrates on the features most users will want in a watch-centric app. Though it isn't as robust as the smartphone app, it does have its uses — if you're on the bus, for example, and you get a message from a friend, you can simply turn your wrist and respond to it, no need to pull out your phone.

The update doesn't focus on only the Apple Watch, though. The new version also brings Messenger contacts and chats to the iPhone's search results, which makes productivity easier. In addition, Facebook Messenger also now supports multitasking on the iPad if you have iOS 9.