Facebook Messenger is having issues, it's not just you

If you're having issues with Facebook Messenger at the moment, we've got some good news and some bad news for you. The good news is that it isn't a problem on your end, but that means the bad news is Facebook Messenger is having some problems on its end. Facebook Messenger doesn't seem to be down entirely, but we've noticed that the desktop site in particular is not functioning properly.

A quick look at Down Detector tells us that we aren't the only ones experiencing issues. Reports of problems with Messenger have spiked dramatically in the last hour or so, with most people saying that they're having problems connecting to Messenger's servers and logging in.

Indeed, when we visit the Facebook Messenger website, we're greeted with only a blank, white page. Refreshing doesn't solve the issue, but if you've got some messages you need to fire off, you still likely have options.

For us at least, heading over to Facebook.com and sending messages from there seems to work just fine. The iOS Messenger app is also working fine for us, but of course, that doesn't necessarily mean that the mobile apps are working for everyone. It appears Facebook hasn't mentioned this issue through its official support and social media channels, so we don't know what kind of timeframe we're looking at before service is restored.

In the meantime, if you're seeing a blank, white page when you try to load up Messenger on a PC, it's probably best to attempt to use the mobile app or Facebook.com while we wait for Facebook to bring everything back online. We'll let you know when things change, so stay tuned for more.