Facebook Messenger for Windows 10 wants to take up your whole screen

I've used a lot of different instant messaging services over the years to keep in contact with friends online. These days, most people tend to just chat on Facebook, which is why the Messenger app for mobile devices is so popular (if a bit detested, for being a separate app). And it looks like the company is bringing their widely-used app to Windows.

Thanks to a listing in the Microsoft Store, we know that Facebook is preparing to launch a Windows 10 Universal app for Messenger. What's interesting is that even if you have Windows 10, it doesn't look like you can currently download it. It's possible that only a small number of people currently have access to it. Here's a video (in Italian, unfortunately) showing off the features:

What I find interesting is that the app does appear to be only for PC at the moment. That's the platform where this app is the least useful. It doesn't appear to have any features that can't be accessed while simply having Facebook open in your browser. And what's more, being a Windows 10 universal app means that it'll take up your entire screen. This means that you won't be able to multitask while chatting with friends. You won't even be able to continue to scroll through your Facebook feed. Instead, you'll just stare at your chat window as you wait for the other person to finally respond.

It's hard to judge an app before it even comes out, but I'm pretty against universal apps that don't need to be full screen. Just use the browser. Or if you want extra notifications and chat windows that you can have on your screen along side other programs, just use a third-party program like Trillian. It keeps your chats in separate windows (or grouped together, if you'd like) and doesn't take up your whole screen.

Source: Windows Store