Facebook Looks Great On iPhone

Apparently social networking site Facebook, made popular by college students everywhere, has went and made some sort of iPhone portal.  Vincent has been trying it out and has come away very impressed – even to the point where he's considering using Facebook just to enjoy the app!

They accomplished this splendid performance/appearance combo by using JavaScript to avoid page refreshes. Other than that it's basically just moving some things around, like for instance, the navigational buttons, they are now located at the top and appear, from the picture, to be scaled for the iPhone. Then there is the option to click on anyone and have their profile, wall, or photos show up.

They also made it so it only scrolls horizontally, which I am sure helps on a vertically oriented device. It appears as though social networking may, in fact, be taking over the world one tiny step at a time.

Slick iPhone Facebook portal goes live [MY iTablet]