Facebook is down: third outage in one month

Shane McGlaun - Sep 30, 2015, 12:36pm CDT
Facebook is down: third outage in one month

Few things will anger a loyal group of users for a website or service more than an outage. Even brief periods of time offline will anger people and Facebook has now had its third outage this month. At about noon PDT back on the 28th the social networking giant experienced its third outage in September with the outage before that one being only a handful of days past.

That previous outage happened on September 24 and the first outage was only a few days before that. In all Facebook was down three times in 11 days, which is very rare. Facebook is one of the most stable major websites online.

During the most recent outage, the Facebook page was accessible for some, but was very slow. For other users the site failed to load altogether. The initial outage lasted only about five minutes before being fixed, the second lasted about ten minutes, and the third lasted significantly longer.

Facebook confirmed the issue about 12:10pm PST on the 29 of September noting that the Facebook Graph API was unavailable. The issue spread to more Facebook services than the Graph API alone. By 1:05 p.m. Facebook had stated that it was restoring services. We don’t know what caused the outages at this time.

SOURCE: VentureBeat

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