Facebook Home rumored for iPhone, probably won't happen

When Facebook announced its new Facebook Home launch screen alternative earlier this month, it was quite obvious why Android was the only mobile platform getting the new launcher — it's openness provides Facebook to easily implement Home on various Android devices. However, it's rumored that Facebook is currently in talks with Apple to bring Facebook Home to iOS, but we're not sure if it'll be possible.

Actually, it's quite possible, but Apple probably won't allow it. Apple likes to keep things uniform across their platform, and they've received plenty of criticism over that because of the "closed ecosystem" surrounding iOS. Then again, we can't blame Apple for not allowing Facebook Home onto iOS. We'd be pretty upset too if someone came in and practically replaced our proprietary messaging service with Facebook's own Chat Heads, and all that good stuff.

Bloomberg reports that Facebook and Apple are discussing the possibility of bringing Facebook Home to iOS. The two companies have had a decent general relationship in the past, but we're not sure if it's at the level that will bring Facebook Home to Apple's mobile platform. However, it's reported these talks actually aren't even taking place, according to The Next Web.

In any case, whether there are talks or not, we'd be surprised if Apple allowed Facebook Home in the first place. Facebook wouldn't be able to simply submit an app for Home to iTunes, mostly because Home is really an app to begin with, so the social networking giant would have to create a partnership with Apple in order to bring Home to iOS, but the likelihood is slim at this point.