Facebook Home downloads reach seven digits, minor update incoming

Facebook has announced that its new Facebook Home app launcher for Android has reached one million downloads in just four weeks. The social network giant first launched the home screen app launcher almost a month ago, alongside the HTC First "Facebook phone." This comes just a couple weeks after Facebook Home eclipsed 500,000 downloads late last month.

Along with the download statistics, Facebook is also rolling out a minor update for Facebook Home as a part of the company's efforts to release monthly updates for the app launcher. Today's update isn't anything special, however — merely just a handful of bug fixes and general performance improvements.

However, Facebook will be issuing more updates over the next few months that will add to the user experience, including the addition of a dock and what's called a dash bar, which will be similar to an IM buddy list that will be used for Chat Heads. As for more supported devices for Facebook Home in the future, the company says that they're working on it, but as it stands, only four devices officially support Facebook Home.

However, the company is aware that an unofficial APK of Facebook Home is roaming around on the internet, and they confirmed that over 10,000 users have installed the APK onto their phones, but it seems like the social network is okay with that, as they don't seem to be doing anything to block or get rid of the hacked APK.

As for how Facebook Home changes the way people use Facebook, the company says that users are logging onto Facebook 25% more often than before, thanks to the quick and easy access that Home provides on enabled devices. Facebook also noticed also an increase in the number of daily comments and Likes someone leaves on their news feed, which is up by 25% as well. Furthermore, Chat Heads has increased use of Facebook messaging by 10%. Check out our review of Facebook Home to learn more about the new platform.

[via TechCrunch]