Facebook hashtags arrive on mobile web app

After rolling out hashtag support for desktop users, Facebook is giving the honor to mobile users now within the web app. If you log into your Facebook account through the browser of your choice on any smartphone or tablet, you'll be able to tap on hashtags in Facebook posts to search for that specific topic.

Unfortunately, though, tappable hashtags aren't yet showing up in Facebook's native iOS and Android apps. However, it could just be a matter of time before we eventually see that. It seems Facebook is taking it slow as far as rolling out hashtag support on more platforms.

Facebook also rolled out related hashtags, which allows users to see a results page with all of the other similar hashtags posted at around the same time. Beforehand, users could only search for hashtags from the search bar, or click on hashtags that originated from other services (such as Facebook-owned Instagram).

Twitter is the pioneer of the hashtag, but since then, many other online services have been adopting the number sign as well, because why not? Twitter's biggest competitor, however, is slowly getting in on the action. Instagram has had hashtag support for a while, as well as other services like Google+ and Flickr.

We're seeing hashtag support on Facebook's web app, but seeing as how Facebook just started rolling this feature out, some users may still not be seeing the added support show up quite yet. Furthermore, we're not sure when Facebook will be launching hashtag support in their iOS and Android apps, but it'll probably happen sooner rather than later.

VIA: Android Community