Facebook for Windows Mobile app released

Microsoft have announced a new Facebook client for Windows Mobile phones, and you won't have to wait for Windows Mobile 6.5 in order to use it.  The free app will work on any 6.0, 6.1 or 6.5 smartphone, touchscreen or non-touchscreen, and will allow full messaging, video and photo uploads and integration with the handset's phone features to place calls direct from Facebook profiles.

The Facebook client for Windows Mobile also allows you to edit and amend your profile and add status updates.  It's recommended that you have an unlimited data plan, however, if you plan on uploading large quantities of video.

Facebook already has a mobile version formatted for small smartphone and cellphone displays, but the functionality tends to be limited compared to the desktop interface.  This new app – which is an 871kb CAB file download – should make navigating the site easier for Windows Mobile users.