Facebook fixed iOS log-out issue, but some users are still having problems

On Friday, a number of Facebook users were logged out of the platform's iOS app and weren't able to log back in using two-factor authentication. Facebook said via a tweet that it was investigating the reports, and it has since returned with an update explaining that the issue has been fixed. However, some users say they're still having problems.

The issue happened on January 22, the day that users reported being logged out of the Facebook app on iOS. According to an update from Facebook, the issue was due to a configuration change that was fixed in the early hours of January 23. Additional details on the issue weren't provided.

However, some users say they're still having trouble logging into their accounts and others report having had their Facebook accounts permanently banned around the same time that many users were logged out of their accounts. Reports of the inability to log in were still appearing on Reddit's /r/Facebook community as of 11 PM ET on January 23.

It's unclear how many people had their accounts deactivated recently — and seemingly in relation to the log-out bug — but there are quite a few complaints on Reddit and Twitter. Facebook hasn't commented on these reports at this time and it remains unclear whether these users will be able to get their accounts back.

Users affected by this issue say they're unable to appeal the account ban, claiming that they didn't do anything to violate the platform's rules. The only common link between these reports appears to be that many banned users weren't terribly active on Facebook, though some others say that they were daily users until their accounts were deactivated.