Facebook expands Live Video to all iPhone users in US

Brittany A. Roston - Jan 28, 2016, 4:35pm CST
Facebook expands Live Video to all iPhone users in US

Following its unveiling in December, Facebook is expanding the availability of live video, a new feature that allows Facebook users to share live video on the social network. The company has been testing live video with some users, and starting today it has expanded the feature’s available to all iPhone users in the United States. In the near future, Facebook will expand the feature’s availability again.

Live Video is Facebook’s alternative to things like Periscope, giving its users the ability to broadcast video in real-time to followers and friends. While Facebook has already detailed the feature, it has kept it limited to a small number of users. Though it’s not unleashing it for everyone yet, this expansion hints that the social network is closer to making it available for everyone.

How do I use Facebook Live Video?

If you use the iPhone Facebook app and you’re located in the United States, you should now have access to the feature. In order to use it, one must tap “Update Status” and choose the new Live Video icon. Once pulled up, you’ll be able to set a description for the broadcast and who you want it available to.

Certain information will be provided to broadcasters during the video session, including how many people are viewing it, which friends are watching, and who is commenting (the comments are presented in real time). After the broadcast ends, it will be saved to the user’s Timeline for others to watch.

SOURCE: Facebook

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