Facebook event at 1pm ET: changes you can expect

In just a little over an hour, Facebook will be showing off what we think is a redesign to the frontpage News Feed on the social network. We received an invitation to the event last week, and it mentioned to "come see a new look for News Feed," so that really can only mean one thing. However, what new features will they introduce, and how drastic will the redesign be?

Facebook has been focusing a lot on its Timeline profile pages and it's new Graph Search feature, so today's News Feed update will be one of the first focused redesigns of the News Feed in a long time. According to TechCrunch, Facebook is said to be launching content-specific news feeds that will consist of multiple categories like Instagram photos and Music feed that will show what friends are listening to, as well as recommend new albums to listen to.

It's also said that larger images and image-based ads in both the web and mobile version of the news feeds will be introduced. Facebook has certainly been focusing its efforts in photo sharing, so more emphasis on photos could definitely be a main part of the News Feed update, and more-prominent photos on the frontpage could very well be in the cards for the social network.

All-in-all, we could see a complete revamp of the frontpage News Feed. Since Facebook has been mostly ignoring it for a few years now, the layout has become somewhat dated, and the company maybe looking at shaking things up. Of course, what we're mostly yearning for is faster loading speeds, which we're sure that Facebook will also introduce with the redesign. Stay tuned later today to see what Facebook has been cooking up.