Facebook ditches plan to send satellite into space

Many of the major tech companies that rely on the internet for users to take advantage of their service are focused on getting people online in areas where broadband is traditionally lacking. Getting the next billion internet users online is a big area of focus for Google. Facebook is also interested in getting as many people online as possible. The more people who use the web around the world, the more users Facebook gains and the more revenue it can potentially generate.

Facebook had a plan to send a satellite into space in an effort to provide internet service on continents like Africa. The plan was kept secret and a person who claims to be familiar with Facebook's plans has now come forward and shined a light on the satellite aspirations.

However, the source claims that Facebook has now stepped away from its plan for launching satellites. Facebook reportedly planned to spend around $1 billion on the effort. Google also had pans to launch satellites to provide internet service, but it too has stepped away from space aspirations for now.

The reason that Facebook and Google have stepped away from these plans is said to be concerns over costs. Google has been working on a plan that sounds even more farfetched than sending satellites into space to provide internet access. This plan involves using balloons to beam WiFi signals to users on the ground.

SOURCE: The Informant