Facebook directing users to free antivirus offerings

People are understandably concerned about viruses anywhere online today. People know they can pick up a virus from some of their favorite websites if they aren't careful. Facebook has now begun directing users who fear their computers might be infected to websites where they can download free antivirus software proactively.

Facebook has opened a Malware Checkpoint for Facebook, and it sends people to one of two places. The checkpoint recommends people sign up for Microsoft Security Essentials or McAfee Scan and Repair. Mac users who hit the Malware Checkpoint are referred to the Apple Security Updates website.

Facebook has been notifying site users for a long time if it detects a possible malware infection on their individual machine. It has been linking users to free antivirus software to clean up suspected infections. The big change here is that Facebook is now opening the Malware Checkpoint to all users, whether or not an infection is detected on their computer.

[via CNET]