Facebook Closes Parse, 3 Years After Buying It For $85 Million

Back in 2013, Facebook acquired a company called Parse for around $85 million. Last year they announced that they had some big plans for Parse in the Internet of Things. Today, the company is closing the doors on the service altogether.

Current users of the service are probably not going to be happy at this news. But thankfully Facebook isn't just simply closing down support right away. Users will have one year to move away from the platform. Facebook has also announced that they will be providing a migration tool that will help users move to any other MongoDB database.

Perhaps the strangest part of this news is a lack of clarification as to why they are giving up on their $85 million investment from 2013. But I am reminded of some of the questions that were asked around the time that Facebook acquired the service:

Q: Will my Parse app be affected in any way? No.

Q: Will Parse apps have to use Facebook functionality? No.

Q: Will Parse honor my contract? Yes, of course." – Ilya Sukhar, Parse CEO

I'm pretty sure that the app is definitely being affected. Oh well, another one bites the dust.

VIA: Fortune