Facebook Buys iPad Book Publisher Push Pop Press

Facebook is the largest social network around even if Google+ is gaining ground on Facebook. Facebook is always out for new ways to increase the engagement that users find on the site. To help improve the tech behind the scenes Facebook has announced that it has purchased an iPad book publisher called Push Pop Press.

Facebook and Push Pop Press insist that the social network isn't getting into the iPad book publishing business. The tech behind the publishers business is what Facebook wanted. Push Pop Press is the publisher of the digital version of the Al Gore book "Our Choice." A blog post about eh purchase at the publisher notes that the tech will be integrated into Facebook to make sharing your story easier.

Facebook said, "We're thrilled to confirm that we've acquired Push Pop Press, a startup whose groundbreaking software challenges the way people publish and consume digital content." The speculation is that Facebook might be using the tech from Push Pop Press in its iPad app that has been rumored. An iPad app for Facebook leaked not too long ago and access to the app was blocked shortly after.

[via PCMag]