Facebook bug re-adds users to groups they'd long since left

If you're finding yourself waking up to massive amounts of notifications today after a nice afternoon nap, do not fret, it's just a Facebook bug. What's actually happening here is that Facebook is, as they're saying, experiencing a bit of a bug – one that signs users up for Facebook Groups sometimes even when they'd never been a part of those groups in the first place. As a result of this, some users are experiencing massive amounts of notifications from the groups that they up until today had no idea existed.

This bug is currently being worked on by Facebook, but for those of you that want a quick fix: you'll have to leave each Group one-by-one. The other solution is to go to the little white triangle that sits in the upper right-hand side of your Facebook screen (near your name) and click it – then click Account Settings – then click Notifications. From there you can simply turn off all the Notifications you desire.

Meanwhile there's one massive complaint thread about the situation, and a statement has been issued by Facebook representatives that reads as follows:

"A bug surfaced last night that caused some users to be re-added to groups that they previously belonged to. We are working to resolve the issue now. In the meantime, we are rolling out a short-term fix for all closed groups that will make the content of those groups inaccessible to the re-added members." – Facebook Representative

The most concerning thing about this situation should be – for you – the idea that Facebook keeps a record of the groups you've been a part of in the past on their social network. This information clearly remains a part of the larger Facebook archive as it's been proven today with re-ads galore. On the other hand, this should have all become clear as soon as the Facebook Timeline Layout was made solid – Facebook keeps everything.

At the moment there's no ETA for when this problem is going to be solved, only that assurance that Facebook is making closed groups the priority here with re-stopping this flood. While we see what Facebook does to keep everything neat – let us know if you've experienced anything strange today!

[via Slate]