Facebook brings reactions to virtual reality

Facebook reactions — they're all the little emoticons you can "like" a Facebook post with, and as of this evening, they're now available in virtual reality. Facebook announced the new support today, saying that you can thumbs-up a post — or choose any of the four faces or the heart — on any Facebook 360 video directly through the Samsung Gear VR headset.

It's a simple addition, but a welcomed one that makes the Facebook VR experience more complete, at least in one sense. There's no need to pop the headset off and pull out your phone to thumbs-up something you're particularly fond off, and it's those kinds of small changes that make a big different in the user experience.

All of the new reactions are available in Gear VR — the thumbs-up, white heart, surprised, angry, sad, and happy faces. Been a while since you've been on Facebook and not sure what I'm talking about? We've got all the details here: Facebook's new Reaction Buttons: Like, an in-depth guide

The world of user-generated VR content is picking up pace quickly, something that's made possible by a combination of VR platforms like Samsung VR, which has just opened its doors to user-generated content, and affordable 360-degree cameras. Samsung just announced the price of its 360-degree camera this morning — $349.99 in the the US — with a full launch planned some time later this year.

SOURCE: Facebook