Facebook bed pokes you by your pillow

If you are the sort who can't stand being away from Facebook out of fear of missing a post or a poke from a pal, we found the bed for you. Sure, you could do what most people do and just charge your smartphone at the bedside, but this concept is better for the true Facebook fan. It's called the Facebook bed. I imagine Zuckerberg has something similar.

The FBed is shaped like a lower case "f" and the side is plastered with Facebook. On the stick of the "f" you get what appears to be a short bed area for sleeping. The cross section of the letter is the headboard and doubles as a backrest for the status updating action that happens in the curl of the letter.

The concept has a little shelf that holds your keyboard and the flat part of the "f" curl is where you place a computer monitor. It looks like you would need to be really short to sleep on that bed. It also looks like if you lean too far forward in the sitting section you will lose your monitor when the bed tips. This is a very strange concept.

[via DailyPics]