Facebook averages 375 million gamers monthly

At the Game Developers Conference, Facebook has revealed it averages 375 million people playing games connected to the social network per month. This represents connected gamers playing games on both desktop and mobile devices, with the games receiving an average of 735 million referrals daily.

The information comes from an internal study Facebook held back in September, which aimed to show how people play Facebook-connected games. According to the data, single-platform players tend to spend less time and money than cross-platform gamers, the latter of which is also likely to have 2.4 times the engagement of mobile-only game players.

Facebook says it is working to increase both engagement and discovery of games connected to its service, and that under this goal it has already offered some increased ways to draw attention to games, such as providing game context and App Center videos. The social network plans to discuss paid channels for both game installs and re-engagement, as well.

Today at the conference, Facebook revealed improved game requests, with lets developers put their own language in the request for better clarity to those on the receiving end. Doing so, it hopes, will encourage more people to respond to the notifications.

SOURCE: Facebook