Facebook App Center unleashed to the whole world

Starting today users across the entire world can access and utilize the brand new Facebook App Center however they please. You can access your own personalized and localized App Center from the same address no matter where you are across this Earth of ours, right over at facebook.com/appcenter. From there you'll be treated to a collection of forward-thinking social network-based apps for all manner of functions and fun-loving activities.

As Facebook Public Relations superstar Malorie Gator will tell you, it's time to get started if you've not already jumped in on Facebook's App Center. You can also see on Facebook App Center's timeline that today is essentially their birthday as never before has the App Center been available the whole world over.

This app center has both a mobile and a web version with classic Facebook apps like Farmville running hard right next to new apps like Bubble Witch and Sim City Social. And it's not just all about games – Facebook App Center also has official Olympics apps and news apps as well. Timeline apps also sit pretty up in the main section of the portal with Mobile Apps just making their first big break-out here so that Facebook can push on in to the future in mobile style!

We recommend you check out a collection of apps from many different categories so that you get a healthy dose of what's possible in the social network overall. You can grab Travel and Local apps, Sports apps, Utilities, Music, and Lifestyle apps as well. Also don't forget to check our own timeline below to keep up to date on how far the Facebook App Center has come in a short time!