Facebook App Center could launch today says source

The use of apps and social gaming of Facebook is been growing significantly over the last few years. Social games such as Farmville and other apps have been insanely popular on the service and have generated significant income for developers. Facebook is set to take apps on the social network even further according to a source claiming to be briefed by Facebook on a competitor to the App Store from Apple that Facebook plans to launch soon.

The source claims that the launch date for Facebook's App Center could be today. A Facebook App Center where all apps to be put in one place would be a good thing for developers on Facebook. Facebook would be able to push high-quality apps with prominent placement. With one place to put all apps, developers might be more interested in developing specifically for Facebook.

Facebook hasn't offered official comment on whether or not the App Center would launch today. Business Insider reports that he had talked with half a dozen other developers, and none of those other developers knew anything about a launch date. Apparently, Facebook will hold a developer event today called Apps and Drinks suggesting that details on the App Center will be offered then. App Center was officially announced in early May with the only time frame offered for launch being "the next few weeks."

[via Business Insider]