Facebook announces game streaming program to rival Twitch, YouTube

Over the last few years we've seen Facebook heavily lean into video with features for live streaming and content creation, and now the social network is expanding its reach into gaming-focused videos. This is an area dominated by Twitch, YouTube, and, to a lesser extent, Microsoft's Mixer, but Facebook has announced its new "gaming creator pilot program" as part of an effort lure streamers to the network, and in turn build up an audience for them.

Facebook says its new program will focus on live game streaming, and provide creators with tools to build and manage their communities. For example, streamers in the program will be able to broadcast their gameplay in 1080p at 60 frames per second, widely considered the gold standard of resolution for games.

It's clear this is Facebook's attempt to build something akin to Twitch's "partner program," which allows the most popular streamers to take advantage of features like monthly viewer subscriptions and exclusives for said subscribers, including private chat. Facebook says it's program will include a tipping system that allows to viewers to give creators a $3 minimum tip, although it has yet to develop any exclusives for these paying fans.

Other details are still slim at this point, including how creators will split their revenue with Facebook, but the program will officially open on Sunday, with the social network inviting "dozens" of the biggest creators to join. Down the line, more streamers will be able to join as the company continues to develop the program.

SOURCE Facebook