Facebook and Parse reveal pending acquisition

Facebook and Parse have both respectively announced a pending acquisition by the former company of Parse, which provides cloud-based developer tools and services. The acquisition comes shortly after Facebook's first ever Mobile Developer Conference and the launch of new goodies for developers, such as Open Graph for mobile. Says the social network, Parse's addition to Facebook Platform will speed up development and bring with it new features.

The big advantage to developers here will be the ability to utilize native objects with certain backend services, such as storage and notifications, reducing the overall complexity and management requirements of the project. Facebook draws on its past experience with Parse, and says that the latter company's services and products will still be available after the acquisition goes through.

Parse had its own things to say about the pending acquisition, talking about its origins and where it has gone since then. It boasts a diverse customer base, as well as providing services to "some of the world's best brands." The company says that Facebook's soon-to-be acquisition is the next step in its evolution, and that it will take Parse to a new level.

Neither Parse nor Facebook provided any particulars about the deal struck betwixt them, although Parse did say that it expects everything to be wrapped up shortly. And lest customers worry, the company has jumped on the three biggest questions it anticipates receiving: No, Parse apps will be not affected, they won't have to use Facebook functionality, and contracts will continue to be honored.

[via Facebook]