Facebook advert for Palm Pre behind-scenes photo leaks

Palm and Apple have clashed already when it comes to print adverts for the Palm Pre, but now details of what could be the first Pre TV advert have leaked.  Photographer and film maker Jaime Wilson has been tweeting about his part in the adverts filming, and even uploaded a photo of the massive Facebook set involved.

Rather than a flat board, the set appears to have various protruding ledges that actors could sit on.  There are also some cutaways that could be for "embedded" videos, or allow people to walk in front of pictures (such as with the huge photo slightly set back from the Facebook page).

Over at My Pre we've been wondering exactly what the storyline for the advert might be.  Our guess is that Palm want to show how straightforward and simple uploading photos to Facebook can be on the Pre, and that some happy young people will take a shot of their holiday and then – accompanied by their "online" friends – clamber all over the Facebook homepage chatting to each other.  Of course, we're not cinematographers, so we could be entirely wrong. 

[via My Pre]